Underestimate at your peril

She led me to a long hall lined with portraits and statues; each held an inscription, but I listened to the information she provided, asking a question for clarity now and again. I’d hoped to impress her with my interest and appeared to succeed. Her knowledge on the subject of her lineage was incredible. It […]

Thoughts of change and family

Captain Dumas got us through the attack with surprisingly little bloodshed on our part. Tiago would be basking in the glow of his small part for years, having provided a distraction and then taken the initiative to bite one of the attackers with a fury that unsettled me in no small way. Only two of […]

World exploration

“I’ve visited the Viscontessa Greco only once before,” Tiago told me. “Mai-am once described her as ‘unbearably ordinary’.” I laughed. We were on horseback and had been for several hours already. The sun had finally risen enough to burn away the mist and allow a warm breeze to thaw me. Tiago assured me this land was plenty warm […]

On work and lies

Tiago had gone to bed. It was very late and I could not sleep. In the library still, I ignored the stack of books at my elbow and focused my attention on the past. Each memory led to another, another, another and I wasn’t sure how to make them stop, or if I even wanted […]

A rollercoaster of emotions

Near to another week passed before my delivery arrived. I was in the library when Tiago entered and announced, “Viola Romano and Antonello Giordano for you, Don.” I looked up sharply to see faces that were once as familiar as my own, but now I hardly recognized. Had they changed so much in so short […]

Writing in the sky (wrote this while flying home)

For the weeks I had to stay with the Contessa, the manor was a flood of new faces and they brought work. I was taken for measurements immediately and she helped explain the changes in clothing style and showed me where to find the most recent books on genealogy. They weren’t as updated as they would […]

An Agreement

“Contessa, it is with great sadness that I must tell you that my father has died.” Her eyes softened. “Death can be a tragedy. I am sorry for your loss, Don; what name did your father hold?” “Moretti. Tiziano Moretti.” The Contessa closed her eyes. I gave her time to process the news and my heart broke […]

A brush with…

Despite the late night, it was hard to break a lifetime habit of waking before the sun. I allowed myself the luxury of laying in the comfortable bed a while longer, considering my position and the part I was to play. I still thought of it as a role. Don Gentillini was a mask on […]

New Characters on the Field

The Contessa had a beautiful manor (from what I could see), set back from the road and half-hidden by the never-ending trees this area offered. The topiary guarding the path was the only indication I had to direct the horses on our new path, and I was lucky the night was bright enough to show me the […]

On the road again

I considered purchasing a horse, but was not a skilled rider. I knew I’d regret the choice before too long, so I hired a coach to take me to my first destination. The state of the roads proved that this choice was not much better; at least a horse would have allowed me the chance […]