A lady is always right

Everyone say ‘thank you, Marie’. Here’s some more Venice for you. And thank you, Marie. * * * I was not afforded much time to view my ancestral home – Edoardo called for a servant to prepare our food and then led me to the stables without pause. He selected a horse for me and […]


Our arrival to the Galli estate was both a relief and filled me with dread. I realized that the outdoors now filled me with dread; every unknown sound was a threat and every shadow brought me a shaking, sweating sensation that would have put the hairs on my neck on alert if they ever managed […]

Mild Horror (cw: description of a soured wound)

Mild Horror (TW: description of soured injury) August 30, 2021 Prevot didn’t share my bed again during our journey to Galli’s estate. We hadn’t spoken or engaged in any way, but held each other until dawn when she snuck away again. I understood and only missed her presence for the comfortable closeness I’d needed so […]

Burns and Blossoms

Realization that we were free of the swamp was slow in dawning. I felt the attitude of my companions change first, realized then that we were stopping, and finally understood why. Prevot was eyeing me critically, but I didn’t engage her, instead pondered our next actions as well as I could in my muddled, fatigued […]

The Broken Hiatus

In the last two days, two friends have spoken to me about this story. Thank you. Thank you. Seriously. We were slow. I could feel the tension in Prevot like the threat of rain and did my best to remember her hasty teachings from the day before, but as lost as I was in the […]

Snakes and trees and leeches, oh my

With the knowledge that the rest of our crew expected to meet us in a town we could not yet reach, I was anxious. They would wait, but for how long before disbursing? What would happen with my belongings? I wouldn’t begrudge their sale, everyone must survive, but I didn’t relish the idea of recruiting […]

Friend or Foe

Rage and fury fueled the storm through the next day. My people visited the public house to warm themselves and check in and I made sure they left with any spare provisions we could provide. I dutifully worked on my hand-stitching and Captain Dumas and others taught Tiago the finer points of barroom brawling. When […]

On the importance of art

The decision to wear a somewhat restricting dark blue outfit was one I simultaneously regretted and knew I had to make. It compromised my reach somewhat, assuming I didn’t want to tear the stitches, but I was still attempting to meet with the Viscontessa, and for that I had to be appropriately dressed. The night was […]

Life and Reputation

Our guard woke us the next morning and I envied Tiago’s fresh energy as he skipped about to dress and prepare. Breakfast was a simple affair with a buffet of various cold meats and fruits and hot beverages. I needed to speak with the Viscontessa, but she had eluded me all evening and it seemed she […]

Old friends, and rules on fornication

Tiago walked by my side as we ascended the stairs after dinner. Both of us had been underdressed, but I couldn’t berate him for acting his age, and my excuse had be pointed. And poisoned. Captain Dumas was close behind. “What happened to ‘unbearably ordinary’?” I asked the boy in a low voice. He snickered. […]