Everyone rejoice! It’s a new post!

It’s been a couple of days. I’m forgiving myself for that.  With this post, I’ve succeeded in spelling the word ‘fa├žade’ with the titles of my contributions. Ta-da! I haven’t had any ideas lately. I haven’t had any new world-ideas or character creations. I haven’t reviewed any of my in-progress works. A lot of my […]

During Counseling…

During counseling a while ago I had the idea for a race of people who were commonly struck by lightning. I know, right? But I went down a random rabbit hole about lightning and saw some of the crazy, and in many cases beautiful, scars that a lot of survivors of lightning strikes carry after […]

First Steps are Big Steps

I love writing. I’ve been writing since I learned I could make my own stories, and I started an epic (I’ll finish it eventually, but there’s, like, research involved, don’t rush me) when I was around 10 – 11. I still want to finish it even though it’s basically Avatar the Last Air Bender, but I […]