Make the most

The others arrived after a short wait, everyone patched up and refreshed. TG pushed a wheelchair in for Mathis and he looked it over with a practiced eye, lifting himself into the seat and giving it some experimental rolls. Bitch Queen entered the room with a tablet in hand, swiping around before she set it […]


I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. We were outside. I looked back and saw a hollow tree, still alive, but the trunk was curved in around the gap in its center. As I watched, the technicians carrying the prisoner emerged as though they’d been hiding in its shaded depths like some kind of pagan […]

Shock and Awful

She turned to study the screens and I read the lines of tension across her shoulders. My earlier confidence started to wane and I stepped back toward the doorframe. June typed and clicked a bit and then pushed back from the desk with a loud swear. In the time it took her to stand, an […]

“Anomalies’ meaning…?

TG walked me through and around another half dozen hallways and I decided she was definitely trying to make sure I stayed confused. There was some kind of dot-code like braille on most of the doors, but I didn’t recognize it and couldn’t tell if we were walking in circles. I kept a tight leash […]

Meet the Boss

I wasn’t sure exactly what I expected to see, but there was a significant lack of white tile and floor drains and tables with straps. The place was more like one of those crazy houses built like a compound with more rooms than you could ever need and the expectation that the people living in […]


I took and released a deep breath, relieved that the sound of gusting wind had fallen silent. The relief passed a moment later when I realized I was alone. I closed my grip where Andromeda had been seconds before, but I was holding only the memory of her touch. “You’re very new to your magic, […]

Portals, portals everywhere

Jin led the way with a quick and nervous stride, explaining as he went, “Normally you’d get a councilor to help with your magic and figure out what you can do as a trio, as you know. They’re provided for free by [acronym]. But if Andromeda is right and they or someone else is going […]

Untested Waters

After texting furiously, Mathis convinced a friend nearby to join us in the park. It didn’t take long for them to arrive and the two laughed over a silly handshake before sitting. “I’m the Focus,” he said covertly. “Are you the impossibility?” He grinned and winked. “Guess so,” Andromeda said coolly. Mathis said, “This is […]

Learning more

 I couldn’t tell much about him and didn’t see a gun, but depending on if he was bonded, he might not need one. He was trying on pairs of sunglasses which, conveniently, had him in front of a mirror. I imagined we were in his view if he was following us so I waved Andromeda […]

Tidbits and Taste Tests

It was different than it had been with Andromeda. Instead of an immediate burst of light, I felt like everyone was moving through molasses. As I stared at our clasped hands I again saw that blue light zing around or through our grip. I focused on the light and it grew and changed until it […]