Meet the Boss

I wasn’t sure exactly what I expected to see, but there was a significant lack of white tile and floor drains and tables with straps. The place was more like one of those crazy houses built like a compound with more rooms than you could ever need and the expectation that the people living in […]

World exploration

“I’ve visited the Viscontessa Greco only once before,” Tiago told me. “Mai-am once described her as ‘unbearably ordinary’.” I laughed. We were on horseback and had been for several hours already. The sun had finally risen enough to burn away the mist and allow a warm breeze to thaw me. Tiago assured me this land was plenty warm […]


I took and released a deep breath, relieved that the sound of gusting wind had fallen silent. The relief passed a moment later when I realized I was alone. I closed my grip where Andromeda had been seconds before, but I was holding only the memory of her touch. “You’re very new to your magic, […]

On work and lies

Tiago had gone to bed. It was very late and I could not sleep. In the library still, I ignored the stack of books at my elbow and focused my attention on the past. Each memory led to another, another, another and I wasn’t sure how to make them stop, or if I even wanted […]

Portals, portals everywhere

Jin led the way with a quick and nervous stride, explaining as he went, “Normally you’d get a councilor to help with your magic and figure out what you can do as a trio, as you know. They’re provided for free by [acronym]. But if Andromeda is right and they or someone else is going […]

A rollercoaster of emotions

Near to another week passed before my delivery arrived. I was in the library when Tiago entered and announced, “Viola Romano and Antonello Giordano for you, Don.” I looked up sharply to see faces that were once as familiar as my own, but now I hardly recognized. Had they changed so much in so short […]

Untested Waters

After texting furiously, Mathis convinced a friend nearby to join us in the park. It didn’t take long for them to arrive and the two laughed over a silly handshake before sitting. “I’m the Focus,” he said covertly. “Are you the impossibility?” He grinned and winked. “Guess so,” Andromeda said coolly. Mathis said, “This is […]

Writing in the sky (wrote this while flying home)

For the weeks I had to stay with the Contessa, the manor was a flood of new faces and they brought work. I was taken for measurements immediately and she helped explain the changes in clothing style and showed me where to find the most recent books on genealogy. They weren’t as updated as they would […]

An Agreement

“Contessa, it is with great sadness that I must tell you that my father has died.” Her eyes softened. “Death can be a tragedy. I am sorry for your loss, Don; what name did your father hold?” “Moretti. Tiziano Moretti.” The Contessa closed her eyes. I gave her time to process the news and my heart broke […]

Learning more

 I couldn’t tell much about him and didn’t see a gun, but depending on if he was bonded, he might not need one. He was trying on pairs of sunglasses which, conveniently, had him in front of a mirror. I imagined we were in his view if he was following us so I waved Andromeda […]