Make the most

The others arrived after a short wait, everyone patched up and refreshed. TG pushed a wheelchair in for Mathis and he looked it over with a practiced eye, lifting himself into the seat and giving it some experimental rolls. Bitch Queen entered the room with a tablet in hand, swiping around before she set it […]


I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. We were outside. I looked back and saw a hollow tree, still alive, but the trunk was curved in around the gap in its center. As I watched, the technicians carrying the prisoner emerged as though they’d been hiding in its shaded depths like some kind of pagan […]

On the importance of art

The decision to wear a somewhat restricting dark blue outfit was one I simultaneously regretted and knew I had to make. It compromised my reach somewhat, assuming I didn’t want to tear the stitches, but I was still attempting to meet with the Viscontessa, and for that I had to be appropriately dressed. The night was […]

Shock and Awful

She turned to study the screens and I read the lines of tension across her shoulders. My earlier confidence started to wane and I stepped back toward the doorframe. June typed and clicked a bit and then pushed back from the desk with a loud swear. In the time it took her to stand, an […]

Life and Reputation

Our guard woke us the next morning and I envied Tiago’s fresh energy as he skipped about to dress and prepare. Breakfast was a simple affair with a buffet of various cold meats and fruits and hot beverages. I needed to speak with the Viscontessa, but she had eluded me all evening and it seemed she […]

“Anomalies’ meaning…?

TG walked me through and around another half dozen hallways and I decided she was definitely trying to make sure I stayed confused. There was some kind of dot-code like braille on most of the doors, but I didn’t recognize it and couldn’t tell if we were walking in circles. I kept a tight leash […]

Old friends, and rules on fornication

Tiago walked by my side as we ascended the stairs after dinner. Both of us had been underdressed, but I couldn’t berate him for acting his age, and my excuse had be pointed. And poisoned. Captain Dumas was close behind. “What happened to ‘unbearably ordinary’?” I asked the boy in a low voice. He snickered. […]

Underestimate at your peril

She led me to a long hall lined with portraits and statues; each held an inscription, but I listened to the information she provided, asking a question for clarity now and again. I’d hoped to impress her with my interest and appeared to succeed. Her knowledge on the subject of her lineage was incredible. It […]

Where do we go from here

I knew it was coming. It happens in all of my books, honestly; the fact that I was able to get out a whole trilogy is still completely mind-boggling to me because I cannot plot to save my life. I have two WIP that I’ve been posting here (hopefully that’s been clear because otherwise you […]

Thoughts of change and family

Captain Dumas got us through the attack with surprisingly little bloodshed on our part. Tiago would be basking in the glow of his small part for years, having provided a distraction and then taken the initiative to bite one of the attackers with a fury that unsettled me in no small way. Only two of […]