In Lewisville, there is a place called The Pines Motel. It is on the corner of Interstate 35 and Business 121 and subtle enough that I lived in Lewisville for about four years before I even noticed the place.

Merely speculating, I imagine at least one murder has taken place there, and while they have no website to poke around, I did find a delightful tidbit in an online Makerspace:

“… The Pine Motel was initially a really nice motor lodge and had one of the first swimming pools in Denton County. Rumors are that there are some bodies at the bottom of the pool which is now filled in.

During the Texas International Pop Festival in 1969, the pines hosted some of the headliner bands, supposedly Janice Joplin, Santana, Grand Funk Railroad filled the motel.

By the time I moved to Lewisville in 1974, it was a wreck and a pretty low grade place, not even making 1 star.

The City of Lewisville has constantly looked for ways to improve the look of the place. Since they have never remodeled the motel everything is still grandfathered. The Pines does just enough maintenance to avoid being condemned…”

There is a (very small) part of me that wants to check into the place, but I’m not a method writer and have a healthy value for a life free of the terror that would accompany a stay in such a place, however short-lived (ahaha) it might be. 

Without assuming negatively about the owners, I like to picture the possible type of people who might run the place. What if they were professional cleaners who provide cheap accommodations – on the corner of two highways, no less! – where hitmen can stay comfortably (as long as a password is provided) to clean their weapons, lay low until the heat dies down, etc. And other visitors are encouraged not to stay so that privacy is assured to their true clientele!

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