Random idea:

In a land of magicians who can choose to take familiars, some might not for various reasons. There are a couple of people (secretly) capable of taking humans as familiars, which is obviously super taboo. Familiars gain bits of humanity from their humans, humans gain animalistic abilities from their animals, but since humans are so much more complex, it could be that a person wouldn’t be entirely aware of this connection. They’d be able to use it if they were aware of it, of course, but that’s the problem.

Could be super spooky.

Also, add to my list if you’d like

Types of magic:







I’d like to build a world in which various sorts of magics exist. It’ll be more complex for me, but I love magic systems so much. It’d be fun. Still need a plot, of course… BAH!

March 18, 2021

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